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Restrictly 'New Record'
I need to be able to restrict the ability to 'add new' child record, based on criteria in the parent record.
The problem I'm hitting is that the field in the parent table that is the criteria, is in the child record as a lookup and so can be used in table access rights.
Any ideas please?

Rebecca Sell
Date Created
5/26/2018 6:07:54 AM
Date Updated
5/29/2018 6:27:05 AM
Rebecca Sell 5/26/2018 6:08:41 AM
Supposed to say RESTRICTING not RESTRICTLY !!
basenine 5/26/2018 8:32:20 AM
Long shot... maybe try validation rules
cooper collier  5/26/2018 9:12:55 AM
I think it can be done. I can think of 2 or 3 possible ways to make it happen.
No promises, but it is an interesting puzzle and I simple cannot resist those.

I would need to see your example, you can either make a new database and set up a matching scenario and then invite me to it, or email me and we can arrange a time for me to take a quick look at what you have.

basenine 5/28/2018 1:27:22 AM
Hello Rebecca,
I've read and re-read your post here a few times and can only gather that when you say
" in the child record as a lookup and so CAN be used in table access rights."

You meant "....CAN'T be used in table access rights."

However, I've successfully been able to achieve what your requiring using this formula:

Obviously replace the [ActivityType] (which is a lookup from the parent record in my application), with your correct field.
Be careful using In() or Contains()...this may be where the problem is occurring...
In() needs to be exact wording and you can string a few together: In([YOUR_CRITERIA],"Locked","Not Open","Closed")
Contains() is broader in a sense, but comes with it's own set of issues

Best of luck,
basenine 5/28/2018 1:30:33 AM
oh, yeah...."where does the formula go?", I hear you ask 😉

In the Child Record table in the "Manage Records Access" under "Allow Modify"...Use Custom Rule
basenine 5/29/2018 6:23:22 AM
**Allow Add...

My app uses the function in Allow Modify😄

Rebecca Sell 5/29/2018 6:25:47 AM
Thanks All
Sorted now.
Basically took away all 'new' options and use a custom button to add a new record only. Then of course, filters can be used.
basenine 5/29/2018 6:27:05 AM
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