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Improved behavious of Ask(Between in filters
Where Ask(Between ... is used the user is presented with two fields to enter

... (from)

If he enters nothing, all possible entries are displayed
If he enters something in From and in To then all records in that range are displayed

However if he enters something in only one of From OR To then it is currently as if nothing had been entered and all records are displayed

More intuitive would be if
- when entering in From only all records with values greater than that are displayed
- when entering in To only all records with values less than that are displayed

I've noticed that where Ask the user for a date field is used, the user can select Custom and this then works exactly as described above.

Could the same be implemented for Ask(Between ......
User Experience

Philipp (JFDI/Teamdesk)
Date Created
4/26/2018 6:32:15 AM
Date Updated
4/26/2018 6:32:15 AM
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Dale OliverPatricio BustosPhilipp (JFDI/Teamdesk)
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