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Dynamically Colorize Form Fields
Allow colorization of form fields based on formula.

Mike Vandling
Date Created
1/22/2018 9:54:14 AM
Date Updated
1/22/2018 12:42:51 PM
New Idea
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cooper collier Mike Vandling
Martha French 1/22/2018 9:59:43 AM
depending on what you need this can be done in a variety of ways.
Most likely using CSS
Watch my tutorial on XHTML and CSS
goto the getting started videos link at the bottom of this page
Start with the "HTML/CSS Bare Minimum" class.

then you can move to the dbstyles ones.

If I am missing the point totally let us know

Mike Vandling 1/22/2018 10:14:23 AM
Example: A form is created with 50 fields. In one instance, only field 1, 4, 10, and 19 need to be completed. The rest are not used in that particular application. In a different scenario, same form, maybe only 10 fields are required. Still another instance, which I have worked around by creating a required field that acts as an error check, but if field 1 is enter as "cat" then the second field, drop down, can only accept cat food or cat toy, however there may be 100 items in the drop down. In this instance, there may be up to 10 combinations. Bottom line, your data entry and error checking for data input are seriously lacking. You can sanitize fields but actually preventing user entry is next to impossible. Colorizing the fields, dynamically, would "help" but is just a band aid. Figured it was the quickest solution but not necessarily the best. You cannot use CSS within your database forms, or anywhere, for that matter, for dynamically preventing data entry errors.
cooper collier  1/22/2018 12:34:19 PM
EVERYONE, the previous response from Martha, came from Cooper Collier.. I do not have Martha's Login information. I was logged into her database to do work for her, but as ME. There is obviously some issue, with the idea exchange. Martha, if you see this, sorry this happened. I opened a request with Teamdesk to look at it.
cooper collier  1/22/2018 12:42:51 PM
MIKE: This is cooper again.
We do this sort of thing all the time. We use the form behaviors to limit what can be entered and at what times, they can get very complicated. You also may need some cascading columns, those are pretty complicated to make work.

In fact, this is one of the very things we are doing for Martha right now...

If you wish, I can arrange a remote session and give you a 15 minute, tutorial .
It's on my list of tutorials to make, we just have not gotten that far yet..

email me at and we can arrange a few minutes if you like

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