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Additional Ask the User Option to ask the user filter control UI

The Ask the User option needs to have additional option that will allow the user to run a view that brings back all of the records based on the Matching->Filter without having to select data from Ask the User UI. The Ask the User UI should have an option to be Always visible or visible Via a Filter Button (or whatever ui object makes sense).

If a new option was added to Ask the User…
Ask the User ( ) Always ( x ) Filter Button

If (x ) Filter Button was selected then the Data grid would load based on the Filter settings in Matching but the Ask the User UI would not display. A Filter button would be added next to the Customize button (or somewhere) and when clicked the Ask the User filter fields would display. The Filter button would be depressed looking while it displayed and the user could fill in the info and filter the records further. If the filter button is clicked again then it would look like a normal button and the Ask the User UI would be hidden.

In conclusion, to me the best of all worlds would be for the Ask the User to be optional so that based on the Filter setting you could filter you data additionally as an option but not have to look at the Ask the User UI all of the time. I don’t use it because it makes the ui look too busy and it is not always needed. This would also cut down on how many views I need to create. It would also make the UI look much cleaner and would be something I would use for all of the Views.
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John D’Amelio
Date Created
12/5/2017 9:40:28 AM
Date Updated
12/5/2017 9:40:28 AM
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