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Is there any way that if a member of staff uses the export / print/ send function then an email notification is sent to the administrator with details of what was printed/ exported / sent and to whom? Or Can a work process be set up where permission is needed to use this function?

Can the export/print /send function be "view" specific rather than just "Table" specific

Can export, print and send also be separate functions?

Karl Sharpe
Date Created
11/8/2017 4:48:20 AM
Date Updated
12/4/2017 5:30:19 PM
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cooper collier Patricio BustosKarl Sharpe
Kirill Bondar  Staff  12/4/2017 5:30:19 PM
Since the same result can be achieved without using Print/Send/Export buttons but using the functionality built in into the browser, tracking has no sense. Also, there is no reason to separate Print, Send and Export as one can be done via another.

Print simply renders the page without surrounding controls like tabs and sidebars. In fact it is a remnant from old times and today the same output can be achieved by using "Print" functionality integrated in browser (which we have no control over).

Instead of Export/Send the user can save the page as HTML file and open HTML file in Excel or other spreadsheet - or send it via mail program.

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