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Populate Address from Google Maps API and location() column type
Hello all,

It is now possible to populate fields (such as Address, City/Suburb, Post/Zip Code, Country) using the new Location() field type, Google Maps API and CallURL actions

This means no more tables full of thousands of records of zip codes (16700+ in Australia for example). That, and you can simply press the location icon or use the map pop up screen to position the marker exactly over the address you're after. It's quick.

You will need to set up a Google Developer account and navigate to the API admin section...there's a few things you'll need to do in there, like Enable the Google Maps Geolocation API and get an API Key specific to the task

I also found that the location() function returns the "latlng" in a format that supposedly should not be compatible in the string - so a created a formula text field that took out the 'space' between the comma and the longitude
i.e. from "-35.06748, 124.09845" to return a value of "-35.06748,124.09845"

Having said that, the original worked...!

Attached is a pdf of screen shots within TeamDesk...namely, the Trigger, Action and result page.

BTW, with Google Maps 'Places' API, you'll be able to get specific company detail like phone numbers, emails, opening times etc to populate fields.

Enjoy 😀

Date Created
8/23/2017 7:19:07 PM
Date Updated
3/1/2018 8:57:35 PM
Patricio Bustos 8/25/2017 11:36:17 AM
Great, tks for sharing.
Best regards!
Mike Nelson 3/1/2018 8:57:35 PM
how are you dealing with different components? in other words at location "A" the response has 9 different address-components location "b" has 12 so sometimes zip code is in address_componets[6] and sometimes address_componet[8].

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