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TeamDesk Data Connector for Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI now includes certified connector for TeamDesk.

Upon using Get Data, you’ll find TeamDesk connector in Online Services category.

Click on the connector, confirm you are using beta tech and you’ll be prompted to enter your database URL. Simplest way is to copy any database URL from browser window.

Next, enter your TeamDesk email and password.

Next, connector will prompt you to choose the table and the view to get the data from.

Finally, click Load button to get the data to Power BI.

If you prefer programmability, there are two functions available at your disposal:

TeamDesk.SelectView(url, table, view) – given database URL, the name of the table and the name of view retrieves the content. This functionality is identical to the user interface connector provides.

TeamDesk.Select(url, table, columns, filter, sort) - allows you to specify the data you need, precisely. For example:

=TeamDesk.Select("", "Invoice", {"Name", "Total"}, "[Company]='ABC, Inc.'", "Due Date//DESC")
selects customer names and totals from invoices for ABC, Inc. company, and sorts by recent due date on top.

Here is the link to blog article with screenshots:
Date Created
7/26/2017 5:43:48 AM
Date Updated
1/10/2019 8:45:13 AM
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