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Accessing TeamDesk contacts from a smartphone
Dear all,

As many of you, I we have a table with contacts (customers, suppliers, ...) in TeamDesk.

It would be very convenient to be able to access this table from the contact application of a smartphone.

I understand there is a way to do it by creating a Google contact account and then synchronizing it to TeamDesk (cf. the interesting Teamdesk article for synchronizing Google Calendar and TeamDesk ).

But this method requires a bit of work

Do you have any other idea to do this ?

Thank you for your attention


Date Created
7/5/2017 3:08:58 AM
Date Updated
7/11/2017 10:23:48 AM
basenine 7/5/2017 5:28:03 AM
Hello Pierre

My first thought was the new Google oAuth sync and API within TD
I've just implemented a two way Google Calendar sync between TD and Google using this method. It takes some work but the results are better than I expected

Sing out if you get stuck and maybe make contact through the experts page
Good luck and best regards
cooper collier  7/5/2017 9:14:33 AM
I developed a way to do this for my customers. This creates a usable teamdesk contact list on any device.
I can show you how in a remote session if we can find a common time. I am in Pacific time zone.

If other folks want to see the solution, I will make a webcast at some point.
Jorge Solá 7/9/2017 2:32:26 PM
I'd be interested in seeing your solution, Cooper.
cooper collier  7/10/2017 9:25:56 AM
I have finished the example for the solution that I have been using. Teamdesk has published it as an example.

There are tutorial webcasts included.

I hope this helps anyone interested in this process.
Jorge Solá 7/10/2017 11:33:49 AM
I just checked it. Very nice indeed. Simple & useful. Thank you for sharing it.
cooper collier  7/10/2017 11:49:16 AM
Thank you, We are working on more tutorials for teamdesk. Happy to consider requests from anyone.
Pierre 7/11/2017 9:13:14 AM
Hello basenine & cooper

Thank you very much for your advices - they are very helpful.

I watched your tutorial: it is very well explained. thanks a lot for sharing this.
your solution has two advantages: it is simple to implement, and you can easily cut the contact information access to anybody if needed.
There is one thing is does not do: you do not get caller's ID recognition on your phone when you receive a call.
For my part, I will implement your solution.

Kind regards,

cooper collier  7/11/2017 10:23:48 AM
Thank You.
True there is no way to handle the caller ID function. I can see that can be a big disadvantage in many situations. But so far, after using this method for a while, my clients actually think this is better.

This is an issue I did not cover in the tutorials, I was trying to keep them short.

For my clients, they work with with their own clients. At any time they are working with a short list of active clients. Most of the accounts are in "inactive" status. They may get more work, but for the time being those accounts have no projects.

We set the mobile views to only show accounts marked as Active.

If they were adding every account to there phone address book it would become insanely unmanageable.

Another advantage that I did not cover. You can make multiple views for different things or users. You can have Frank's Contacts. That only has the accounts he is working on. Or make views based on type of contact, Suppliers, Customers, etc..

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