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Add a paragraph in formula text
When creating a text formula, is it possible to add a paragraph or line return within the formula so that when a document is produced, the paragraph is displayed correctly?

Example use:

I have an inspection table with an "inspection type" including "fire alarm test", "gas safety record", "electrical safety" etc.

I'm producing a letter to send the tenants that a contractor will be attending to carry out the relevant inspection/test. Each inspection will require different wording in the letter such as referring to legislation and the types of activities that could be expected by the contractor (it's not just a case of replacing the inspection type field).

I will develop a single document where the body text is completed by the formula text produced dependant on the inspection type.

I can achieve this by having several text formula fields of "para 1", "para 2", "para 3" etc. but wondered if there was a way to have a single formula field and add paragraphs?

Adrian Thompson
Date Created
7/1/2017 4:34:16 AM
Date Updated
7/1/2017 8:50:30 AM
basenine 7/1/2017 4:37:56 AM
Use \n for paragraph/new line

For example:
Will return
Adrian Thompson 7/1/2017 8:50:30 AM
That's fantastic thank you!

If there's an article with a list of those slash commands I would be very interested to know.

Many thanks again.
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