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Allow a single multi record Document to be emailed
It would be really useful if a document could be emailed as a single file with multiple records rather than one record per email (as is allowed when directly downloading the document).

On mobile devices it's difficult to download a single file multi record document and so a solution is to email it to myself. However, this sends separate emails for each record (I send them to a Zapier email which then sends the file to Dropbox and Slack).

## Example

I have created a tenancy manager app. If there are repairs needed at a property, we must by law give at least 24 hours notice in writing before attending. Currently if I have 40 repairs outstanding which I intend to carry out next week, I must download the single file, print and post the letters then manually update each record to say “notified 24 hours minimum notice”. I have created a custom button to notify on mass but, if I use the email button I have created, I can both email myself a single letter (so would get 40 emails with 40 separate documents in this example) but the advantage is that the system can automatically set the record as being notified.

If the email could allow a single file to be sent to myself (with all 40 letters in one file), that would fix the problem of not being able to download on an iPad and I could also tell the system to mark each record as notified automatically.

The alternative would be to allow assignments and actions from within a document setup. However, I think above would be a quicker and easier means of fixing the problem.

(Just as a point of note for anyone interested, you can download on iPad iPhone the multi record document by using iCabMobile browser).
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Adrian Thompson
Date Created
5/30/2017 6:24:43 AM
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5/30/2017 6:24:43 AM
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