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Allow Behaviors to be used to generate a pop up note in Forms
This could be used to give a user a suggestion, note, etc that they can click away and continue on.

Here is an example, say you are collecting data on someones residence status and there are 5 selections 1. They own their home 2. Rent 3. Own but have a mortgage 4. They live with a relative 5. They live with someone. If they select 4 you want to be sure it's a blood relative so through behaviors you have a note pop up that will require them to click it to continue and the note says be sure the relative is of blood relations, if not then you should select 5 instead of 4.

I know this can be done with text fields placed near the field that show when the behavior is triggered but requiring the end user to click it ensures they will see the note verses the note being overlooked..

Bernie H Hester III - VP
Date Created
5/10/2017 1:20:16 PM
Date Updated
5/10/2017 5:46:14 PM
New Idea
Promoted By
Bernie H Hester III - VP
Kirill Bondar  Staff  5/10/2017 5:46:14 PM
This approach might be good for new users but users familiar with the system may find it a way too obtrusive if it would block them from doing what they already know they are doing. See, in recent versions of Windows a warning when you delete the file is removed by default - 20 years after release of Windows 95 everyone knows how to recover file from recycle bin if it is deleted by accident.

We can provide you with the simple script code to add on a form to display a note (please contact us via support), but I doubt we'll add this feature system-wide.
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