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New column type: color
For industrial applications the possibility to select, store and present a color from different color systems such as NCS and RAL would be very useful.

Robert Gustavsson
Date Created
4/11/2017 5:35:03 AM
Date Updated
4/11/2017 7:04:45 PM
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cooper collier Robert Gustavsson
cooper collier  4/11/2017 7:17:55 AM
I am not sure how you would get the NCS or RAL color to display correctly on peoples screens. Every single computer and monitor display color slightly different. Our graphics shop has this issue, even using high-end design monitors and color calibration. Print simply looks different than screen.

BUT.. as for storing a color and displaying it.
You can already do that.

Make two columns
1. Text column call it "color code"
2. formula xhtml call it "color display"

In the formula for xhtml put in this formula

<div style="background-color:<%=[color code]%>">
<%=[color code]%>

Now you can enter and web color ie..(name, hex, rgb, hsl) and it will be displayed as the background in the xhtml box.

it looks like this screen shot.

Robert Gustavsson 4/11/2017 7:41:22 AM
Well for our needs a rough representation of what the color looks like is enough. We use a paper based NCS or RAL color chart for final selection.
cooper collier  4/11/2017 8:26:36 AM
then that little bit of code should do it for you
you can make the color boxes be wider by adding padding to the div

like this
<div style="background-color:<%=[color code]%>;padding-top:20px;padding-bottom:20px">
<%=[color code]%>

Robert Gustavsson 4/11/2017 9:23:42 AM
Thanks but we don't use web color codes (to paint our products)
Kirill Bondar  Staff  4/11/2017 7:04:45 PM
Here is a table for RAL colors along with closely correspondent web color (column 3).

I believe there should be one for NCS
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