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Prnting Labels
Does anyone have a solution for creating printed labels please?

So, picking a number of records from one table, and producing printed labels using A4 sheet of labels. 1 address - 1 label.

I imagine this might utilise Word Mailmerge?

User Experience

Rebecca Sell
Date Created
4/6/2017 5:20:50 AM
Date Updated
11/27/2021 9:16:10 PM
Dale Oliver 4/6/2017 5:31:40 AM
Hi Rebecca

I use documents within Teamdesk setup for a particular table. Then i format the word document in accordance with your label specifications, from the generate document template, i copy accross the table column fields, into my label template, then upload it to Documents. On the document setting in Teamdesk, where you created your document/document button, Location must be set to Multirecord. On the tables view, then select the records you would like to merge, and click on the document button to populate, the merged fields will populate into your document template.

Teamdesk will do the merge for you. No need to export the info then run a mail merge from word.

Rebecca Sell 4/6/2017 5:50:44 AM
Hi Dale
That's extremely helpful thank you!
I have set this up and have 1 question if I may?

Our labels are 2 across the page. TD is populating the left-hand column only, ie just going down the page. Would you know how to get TD to populate the 2nd column too?

Thanks again,
Dale Oliver 4/6/2017 6:00:14 AM
Hi Rebecca

If you email it through to me (, I can play around and see. I use a commercial label printer, that prints on special label paper, one label per line. I could play around and see if there is a way around this.

Dale Oliver 4/6/2017 6:34:55 AM
I see that when you use a label template with rows and columns, it creates issues. You could try the following in your word doc.

1. Insert a column into the document, i.e. two columns.
2. Then insert a table with a single row and column.
3. Insert your merge fields into the table with a single column and row, adjust the size of your table to the size you would like for your labels print
4. Right click on your table, table properties>Row, then untick allow to break across pages, otherwise a label may not stay on one page and may break across different pages

This method will allow your labels to populate both columns (left and right) of your word document. The table with a single row and column, with your merge fields place into it, will allow you to stop your records, for one label from breaking over into another table.

You will have to play around and test until fits the label paper you are using (editing margins, and column widths etc). If you use a label template, with a table of rows and columns, doesn’t seem to work with a straight up merge from Teamdesk.

Rick Cogley 11/27/2021 9:16:10 PM
This is spot on. Thanks to Slava pointing out this blog post, I played with this and discovered the same thing. It works just fine if you:

* generate template in setup to get the fields from your contacts table (you can make it easier for yourself by setting the base font of the generated template, to the same thing you'll want to use in your final doc template, like Calibri 10pt)

* create a word doc with two columns, set the base font by selecting all and just setting to, say, Calibri 10pt, set File, Page Setup to set the paper size and margins as usual.

* insert a 1 cell table and set the size of the cell to fill the column and be tall enough to fit your printed label.

* press Tab in the cell to make another cell below, until you have, say, 6 cells in the left column, adjusting height as needed.

* keep pressing Tab to make, say, another 6 cells on the right. These 12 cells are where your data will be merged to.

* add a text shape in the upper left table cell, to allow you to fine tune the position of the text in the cell.

* copy the merge fields you need from the template you generated, pasting them into the text shape in your upper left cell.

* format the text and arrange how you need it (e.g. paragraph format before/after 0px, line spacing exactly xx points, where xx points is the size of your text)

* adjust the space between the columns and the location of the text shape in the cell.

* upload the doc to your contacts table setting as multi-record, no page break, setting roles and views as needed, setting as word or pdf as appropriate.

Test and adjust. Teamdesk is smart enough to merge the next line of data into the next table cell in the column, and will continue on to column two, then other pages as needed. You can tighten up the text shape just a bit to get the text to be inside the borders of the actual label.
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