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Make Ask the User criteria selection either "AND" or "OR"
We would like the ability to select if a search or filtering criteria is "AND" or "OR" when asking the user for input or in drop down selection check boxes.

As an example of this, we have a situation where a record selection is looking for people in various locations that speak one of several languages. While this situation might be unique, the general case has many applications.

In our case, we select two adjacent cities such as Atlanta and Norcross and we are looking for people who speak either Russian or Ukrainian in these two cities. So the logic is: (Atlanta OR Norcross) AND (Russian OR Ukrainian). Currently the system works as follows: (Atlanta OR Norcross) AND (Russian AND Ukrainian) because the language lookup is a multi-reference relationship between the People Table and the Language Table.

Adding a simple box at the top of the drop down to unambiguously select that the "Ask the User" criteria is either "AND" or "OR" would be a great addition to functionality and user experience.
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Jeff Aibel
Date Created
3/23/2017 8:28:12 AM
Date Updated
3/23/2017 8:28:12 AM
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Patricio BustosJeff Aibel
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