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Clickable Link or Button to Details from report of Master records
Currently to access a Master record's Details from a report, a user has to click the Master record view button, scroll to the bottom of the Master view, then click the desired Details tab.

I propose the ability to have your master's detail "tabs" available as links or buttons from a report line. This would save hassle and time for the user wanting to see details on a master within a report. The buttons could be optional depending on report and have configurable Button text.

Report Currently:
[View] Company One
[View] Company Two

Proposed report:
[View] Company One [Employees] [Assets]
[View] Company Two [Employees] [Assets]
User Experience

Jeff Zortman
Date Created
3/22/2017 5:40:56 PM
Date Updated
3/22/2017 6:02:59 PM
New Idea
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Patricio BustosGii SystemsJeff Zortman
Jeff Zortman 3/22/2017 5:52:01 PM
I can create "Detail" buttons using a Formula - XHTML column, but I find it painful to do...

<a href="<%URLRoot()%>/view.aspx?id=xxxxxxxx&amp;filter=%5bCompany%5d%3d%22<%=[Id]%>%22&amp;back=<%BackURL()%>" class="ui-action ui-button small"><%=[Total Employees]%> Employees</a>
basenine 3/22/2017 6:02:59 PM
I've had a request to embed a details view within a master record...could get messy if not properly set up but it would in some cases save scrolling
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