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Mailing list for sending views
It's almost become a normal practice for us to send views to certain specific users on a daily basis. It would be great if Teamdesk lets us have a stored mailing list or address list option for sending views so that we don't have to copy and paste the addresses each time we send the view.
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Ansar Ahmad
Date Created
2/28/2017 1:29:08 AM
Date Updated
9/20/2021 11:01:59 AM
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Patricio Bustoscooper collier Ansar Ahmad
cooper collier  2/28/2017 8:55:47 AM
I am a bit confused by the idea. Would this be something different than making an email field, and sending using that field in the rule?

In this datatool, I have a list of employee names and emails. I select the employees and send email to all of them based on what is selected.. The names are compiled into this email field.

If you do not want to make a separate table with email addresses you should be able to just populate a email text fields and use it all the time...

If either seems like what you are looking to do I would be happy to give you a quick hand.

Ansar Ahmad 9/20/2021 8:08:43 AM
Hello Cooper! It's taken me 4 years to reply to your comment. Really sorry! Hope you are keeping well.

We have views with data fields and columns ( which we send to external email addresses through the Send button. We enter the email addresses and subject manually (

We'd want the ability to have lists of email addresses saved in the database which we chose whenever sending these views to those email addresses.

Hope I was able to clear the confusion.
cooper collier  9/20/2021 11:01:59 AM
Keep in mind, teamdesk is not designed for sending any volume of email. If you need to send significant amounts of email then you will need to consider a transactional mail service. You also have the issue that emails coming from teamdesk tend to trigger mail protection rules, especially to google... to resolve this, I have used a transactional mail service. In the past I used mailgun successfully

The solution below should work directly and with a mail service.. if you can get it to work, I do not have time to test
Currently we are very very busy with Clients. I will put some high level guidance here. If you need more help, you can email me directly at

This is how I would attempt to solve it.

If you need to select specific addresses. (this will be 2 steps for the user)

1. Make a seperate table for the addresses.
1.1 Make a hidden checkbox column call it something like, "selected for email"
1.2 Of course make the email column and other columns needed

2 On the table that you are using to select or create the email you are sending..
2.1 make a reference to the address table.
2.2 create a summary concatenate column
2.2.1 set it to comma delimited
2.2.1 filter on the checkbox "selected for email"

Now you have a list of email addresses to send to.... I do not know if you can use this summary in the email. so....

2.3 (optional) Make a formula email column.
2.3.1 for the formula just enter the [summar column]

3. In the address table make a multi select button
3.1 make an assignment true >>> "selected for email"
3.1 make sure the button is available on the view used in the reference

4. Set your send button to only be available when there are selected addresses, this can be done a couple of ways, I would maybe check if the summary column is not blank.

5. Create a recordset for the address table.
5.1 Filter for "selected for email" is true

6. add an update action to the bottom of your SEND button.
6.1 use the record set for records to update
6.1 set "selected to email" to false.

Now the user has to first go the the bottom, select the address from the sub table then click the first button. This will create the list of emails. Then you click the Send button..

This would actually be the same number of steps, but just in an order persons are not used to.
NOTE.. this is just a basic outline of the process.. there are many other things you may wish to do. Like...

Make a way so once a person starts an email, nobody else can do it.
Make a way to clear the selected addresses if a person does not complete the process.
Set the address view to show which addresses are selected.

THIS is only one way to do it. I can think of other ways to attempt it, but they are more complicated.

I hope this helps.

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