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Better organization in the administration of users
I think with minor changes we can have a better administration of users and their roles.
For example, in the "Manage existing users shares" view, they might be grouped by ROL and display the total number of users for that ROL.
Have a filter by date of entry is another example.
When you have 5 users, it is easy to manage, but with 150 the topic gets a little complicated.
User Experience

Patricio Bustos
Date Created
12/15/2016 4:09:36 PM
Date Updated
12/16/2016 7:48:47 AM
New Idea
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Patricio Bustos
Slava Shinderov  Staff  12/16/2016 2:21:56 AM
@Patricio please consider using "Search for keywords" feature at the top right corner of the setup screen. It allows you to "filer" out ANY setup screen using keyword. Just type some text you wish to filter but do not hit the enter and system will filter out all tables on the screen keeping only rows with that text on it.
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 12/16/2016 4:06:07 AM
A little known but very useful feature. If now the list of users was enhanced so that clicking on any column allowed it to be sorted by that column, most things could be achieved.
Patricio Bustos 12/16/2016 7:48:47 AM
Ohhhh .... that was a functionality I did not know. I agree with @Phillip have such ordering or grouping would make life easier for us.
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