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"Padding" of axis values in charts
Where an Axis (usually horizontal axis) has a series of values, it would be nice to have an option whereby the chart generation "pads" out the missing values.

Example: horizontal axis values are 1,2,3,11. Currently this will produce just the four values. However it doesn't make it obvious that the values 4 to 10 are missing. I would like to have the option to make the chart show all values between lowest and highest.

Example with dates: This is probably the most realistic example and also maybe the easiest to solve. We use the system to record hours. We then produce a chart of hours recorded by day by employee. However if an employee has failed to enter hours for a certain day, then this is not easily visible from the chart. I would like to see the chart insert the missing days/months/years, whatever it is that "grouping by" is set to

Philipp Matuschka (MMB)
Date Created
11/4/2016 4:00:02 AM
Date Updated
11/4/2016 4:00:02 AM
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Amr HilalPatricio BustosPhilipp Matuschka (MMB)
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