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PhoneNumber Field update
I've had a request to separate the Area Code for a Phone Field.
They'd like a small prefix area code field "incorporated" within the standard field, thereby separating the two

Date Created
8/24/2016 10:49:28 PM
Date Updated
8/30/2016 6:18:21 AM
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Kirill Bondar  Staff  8/25/2016 5:22:56 AM
There is no common format for phone numbers (what is worth, in some countries' area codes have variable length), therefore we do not perform any separation, validation or on-the-fly formatting of the number entered.
basenine 8/25/2016 6:08:52 AM
Hi Kirill

Yep. We don't require validation in this case. Just a two part field that can hold the area code in the first part and the main number in the second.
I've noticed with the phone field column that you can write "Sam's Mobile: 0444 445 445" and the callto: function picks out the that's good

Best regards - Brett
Kirill Bondar  Staff  8/25/2016 6:33:16 AM
but we do not have split field support - unless you will program it with pieces of HTML and JavaScript
basenine 8/25/2016 7:31:38 AM
I guess I looked at this going into the Ideas Exchange as an idea...
Unless my interpretation of the meaning was skewed to bias a magical apparition of a split field 😜

cooper collier  8/25/2016 8:00:11 AM
I have been doing some things with the forms recently maybe I can help. (considering how active and helpful you are to others) I am not 100% sure what you are looking for. Email me and we will hammer it out. No promises, but happy to help.
cooper frobbit com
Kirill Bondar  Staff  8/25/2016 8:14:49 AM
As far as I understand, user types say 3 digits of area code and then cursor jumps to main number entry. Or if number is copy-pasted it splits into area code and main part.

But area code length varies from country to country. Even worse, within one country rules may vary and Germany is a good example. Phone numbers in Cologne are 0(221)1111-1111, while in Zehlendorf they are 0(33053)11-1111. That's local number takes 6 to 8 digits with area code varying from 2 to 5 digits with total length varying from 10 to 11 digits.

That's we can split properly only when we know actual content and we need to know all possible area prefixes (or the rules) from over the world.
basenine 8/25/2016 4:42:55 PM
Hello Cooper. Thanks for your offer...I'll make contact over the weekend seem to have developed a way to do it. Not sure If they went down the path of verifying each split or if they simply split the field and allows users to put what they want in

My probable solution will be to create a table of area codes based on a workflow rule to update a field with the area code if it is missing. All our area codes here begin with 0....if(not begins([phone],0),[statecode]+[phone],[phone])
cooper collier  8/25/2016 6:15:22 PM
1. when I attempt to go to jorform. I get hit with a redirect malware. I suggest anyone reading this thread to be careful, either they just got hacked or possibly DNS poisoning in the DNS path my system happens to use.

2. I think I see what you are attempting to do. They want two fields[state code] and [phone]. but are worried that going forward some people will put the state code into the phone field. In that case you would not want it to show two state codes.

I see one big issue with your solution. Cell Phones. If yours are like ours, Location has nothing to do with the <state/area code>

basenine 8/25/2016 6:55:45 PM
my bad - should have been jotform....


basenine 8/25/2016 6:56:32 PM
All our cell phones start with 0
So the formula would be ignored
basenine 8/25/2016 7:02:23 PM

Here's how jotform present it. Code looks to CSS

goddam replace formula would have reproduced jotfotm!!!!! haha
basenine 8/26/2016 5:08:11 AM
Hello Kirill,
>>As far as I understand, user types say 3 digits of area code and then cursor jumps to main number entry. Or if number is copy-pasted it splits into area code and main part.

This is more that I'd expected.
The request from my client was just a simple split in the field so that it was 'obvious' (and we all know what obvious means to different people 😉) to have the area code (manually typed) in the first section and the main number in the second. No validation required. No formatting...Pretty much like now - no formatting or validation. For example I can type "ShizzamBooooollam: 0444 4444 4444" into the phone field and the callto: function still works.

However, as a side note/thought/observation - when setting up an iPhone... once you have your country selected, the formatting takes place appropriately. Maybe something could be set at the 'database properties' settings. Like the Weekends, Timezone etc....

Nothing urgent - I can gauge that you've a fair bit already going on.

And on that - enjoy your weekend 😃

Kirill Bondar  Staff  8/30/2016 6:08:13 AM
Looking at jotform's screenshot, area box has a fixed width of 3 :)
basenine 8/30/2016 6:18:21 AM
yep - in actual fact, it'll take more than 3 chars wide and show about 3.25! (i got up to 10 and it still was allowing me to enter)

They also have an option to add in an country code...which is (surprisingly) longer - showing about 6 chars wide.

That's the other option for TD....create a field that an admin can determine/control the display width.

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