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Effect of change column type on workflow actions
I've noticed that if you change a non-formula column to a formula column and that column had an assignment to it in workflow actions, this assignment gets removed from the workflow actions. The reasons for this are absolutely understandable. However often one doesn't realise this and later gets caught out by expected lack of behaviour. Later if I change the column back from being a formula column to being a non-formula column, the assignment does not get re-instated. I might be doing that if the only reason for the first change was to load defaults, but thereafter I wanted the column to be non-formula

- minimally put up a list of assignments when making the change from non-formula to formula
- possible addition, rather than removing the assignment leave it there in some kind of inactive or commented out state, so that the issue can easily be recognised
- and absolute perfection, on the second step above, re-instate it, although this might require mind reading

Philipp Matuschka
Date Created
4/21/2016 6:44:43 AM
Date Updated
9/4/2016 12:34:47 PM
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baseninePhilipp Matuschka
basenine 4/21/2016 5:01:21 PM
- minimally put up a list of assignments when making the change from non-formula to formula

that'd be enough I reckon
Philipp Matuschka 9/4/2016 12:34:47 PM

I've really had problems with this one in the last week and the real problem is that by the time I realise the problem, potentially so much damage is done and it is very difficult to establish with certainty what the original assignment was. Please consider implementing the suggestions above.

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