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Ability to create/embed useable charts in a record
Charts can be created for views but not embedded into records. They can be interactive enough to drill down to a list of records that make up the bar or pie of the chart.

It would be handy to visually see how a record is performing based on it's related records.

I can embed one (a chart) via Google Chart api's but the limitation is not being able to click on an active chart that takes me to the corresponding list of records...that (limitation) and the fact that using Google api's can be a little difficult 😤
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Date Created
3/26/2016 10:39:33 PM
Date Updated
3/19/2019 9:39:03 PM
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cooper collier  3/27/2016 12:36:50 PM
Give this a try!

Make a test table, make 3 columns and put these formulas in them

Text - [Name of Chart]

Formula URL - [chart url]


Formula XHML -[chart display]

<img width='600' height='450' frameborder='0' style='border:0' src='
<%[chart url]%>

Make a new record and put text into the Chart Name Box "Theatre Snacks"

This uses the OLD google charts API... its depreciated, but google never announced removing it. They will likely leave it in place forever unless someone discovers a major security issue. Google is unlikely to ever update it.
NO API key needed, and Totally Free,

I found another API service, It is not Totally Free. They have a tier for development and small scale usage that watermarks the charts that is free. But paid for higher usage.

I did not test it, no time.
I am supposed to be out working on the yard right now. If I get caught doing this, my wife will give me "the look"

cooper collier  3/27/2016 12:38:34 PM
I did not finish reading your post!!!

you already tried the google api

NOW I feel "STUPID" and I still will get "THE LOOK"

basenine 3/27/2016 4:12:56 PM
Haha! Thanks Cooper.

I bet they're the best looking lawns in the US 👍
cooper collier  3/28/2016 9:09:25 AM
Nope, I just try to keep my lawn the same or better than my neighbor, and he moved and the house has not sold for a year. So it's a pretty easy standard to meet right now. I cannot understand why it does not sell, every time the realtor brings potential buyers, I get my daughters boyfriend's band to come over to practice, so the potential new neighbors feel welcome.. I even got my unemployed brother in law to come over and offer them a beer.. no matter how welcoming I am, nobody seems to want to move in!

Regardless, you should try that second link I sent. I do not have time to look myself. But I am interested. It looked like it had more functionality than the old google static chart API..

Jorge Solá 3/19/2019 9:39:03 PM
Cooper, it looks like the deprecated Google Image Charts API was turned off yesterday.

I checked & it seems it could work as a substitute. My question is; Have you tried any other service that you can recommend that can draw charts on the fly, show them on the screen & embed them in documents like the deprecated Google API did?

And second question: Google recommends using their newer dynamic Google Charts service. Is there a way to make it work with TeamDesk?
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