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Additional column types to be import-able
Currently no [Formula - X] columns can be imported/created on import.

Is there a reason for this? After having to import 30+ columns that needed to be Formula - Numeric, I could only import them as Numeric (actually Numeric - Percentage).
Now I have to go through and Change Column type on all 30 (on top of having to edit them anyway with a formula)


Date Created
3/15/2016 9:13:48 PM
Date Updated
3/16/2016 7:03:43 AM
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basenine 3/15/2016 9:16:42 PM
Changing the Column type is actually 8 extra clicks and therefore screen refreshes....

grrrrrrr Australian slowband 😤

Slava Shinderov  Staff  3/16/2016 5:53:30 AM
@Brett what the reason to create a formula columns using import in the first place?
I understand that you're trying to avoid typing its name but we do not wish to confuse regular users with that option.
basenine 3/16/2016 7:03:43 AM
Hello Slava,

I'm not trying to avoid typing it's name - I had to do that in excel after all...Well kind of.
What I'm trying to avoid is importing it as one type of column and then changing it to the type of column I really wanted. Like I mentioned above - changing a column type is 8 extra clicks..."CLICK ON COLUMN"....."CHANGE TYPE"..."SELCT NEW COLUMN TYPE"..."SAVE"...."ARE YOU SURE"...."ARE YOU REALLY SURE"...."OK"....."BACK"

x 30+

I had a list of names which I copied (30+ of) that needed to be part of a formula...the new columns needed a similar name (just a prefix differentiator). So I copied the 30 names into excel - worked some magic there (to or three steps to go from list in one cell to delimited into individual columns...then a formula to mass update them with the prefix.

As it stands, I had to do this 4 times (that's 120 columns on top of the 30 - you should see the doc I'm generating! That messed with my eyes) - it was the last lot that I thought about doing it via an import (that's an even longer story though 😉 )

It just seems like TD can do so many things; it stands for increasing productivity, making tedious tasks easy...yet it falls down every now and then on some simple setup functions.

I can't see how it would confuse a regular user - wouldn't they be using it regularly 😉
And even if it did confuse them, at what point do you show them and hope they don't get confused? It's like having kids - you gotta let them make a few mistakes. It helps with their development.

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