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Allow Buttons/Documents to have the Button text
Currently the Name field (in the case of Documents) and the Button Label field (in the case of Custom Buttons) defines what will appear on the button when presented to the user. I would like to suggest that each of Documents and Buttons have two fields
- Name Field: this is what we see in the list when in setup mode. It should be unique
- Button Label: this is what the user sees on the form or list view. It does not need to be unique

Consider invoicing. A company sells both products and services. Depending on which of these are contained with an invoice, the invoice has an entirely different layout. There could be multiple different layouts. Which one applies is regulated by the filter rules. To the user I want to just present one Button which says Invoice regardless of which of those applies. Currently I would have to call these say Invoice1, Invoice2, etc and let the user make the choice, which isn't great.

Philipp Matuschka (MMB)
Date Created
1/14/2016 6:13:01 AM
Date Updated
1/27/2016 10:31:31 PM
New Idea
Promoted By
Lynne ManzoPhilipp Matuschka (MMB)
Lynne Manzo 1/27/2016 10:31:31 PM
This would be very handy, both for saving space on the button labels, and for presenting a simpler end user interface. My database presents the appropriate button to the user based on other columns, but since each button needs to have a unique name, my button labels are all unnecessarily long. My users don't need to know which "version" of the invoice they are creating - it just confuses them - they just want whatever invoice is right for that customer. Since the database filter has already selected the appropriate one, they'd be happy for it to always be labelled "Invoice".
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