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Consistency with Calendar Selectors - Force below Column
I've had a request from a customer regarding the Calendar Selector. They had an issue with it jumping from the bottom of the Field (which is it's default position) to the top of the Field (when the number of weeks change from 5 weeks a month to 6 weeks and the browser page is pretty much at the bottom of it's run). When clicking through the months (with the arrows), the selector jumped back to the bottom of the field which exposed another field behind the selector which was a Radio Button with Yes or No as the criteria...there's obviously a big difference between Yes and No. Accidentally, this field was altered - which caused a chain of events that were different from the requirement!

I'd like to think it possible to force the Calendar Selector to be always positioned below the field - the nuisance of having to possibly scroll down a little to expose the full calendar in some instances would be minor.

Let's also remember, that man has walked the face of the moon - adjusting the calendar selector should be peanuts compared with that 😉
Date Selector Jumping.pdf
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12/14/2015 11:22:12 PM
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12/14/2015 11:22:12 PM
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