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Be able to use USER PROPERTIES in ALLOW ADD records access rules.
Currently we can use USER PROPERTIES in ALLOW VIEW and ALLOW MODIFY table permissions. But we can´t use them in the ALLOW ADD rules. This makes it hard to write consistent rules.

We could have more granular control of records access by user, with the USER table, whenever the ROLE is not enought for the needs. For example: I have certain users in a ROLE that I would like them to be able to add records, and I would like not to create a different ROLE for them.

gerardo garcia
Date Created
9/26/2015 12:27:37 PM
Date Updated
2/1/2017 9:21:49 AM
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gerardo garcia
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 4/28/2016 11:46:50 AM

Any thoughts on this one. I could really use.

Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 5/30/2016 3:07:21 PM

Can I bump this one. I think it makes so much sense and I could really use it

Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 10/14/2016 11:32:31 AM
@Staff. Any further thoughts on this.
Jeff Zortman 10/29/2016 7:01:10 AM
Really makes sense to implement this.

I need an administrative User to be able to configure security for their own company and this is the only way I see I can do it. This helps them administer it themselves instead of involving me!
Slava Shinderov  Staff  1/12/2017 9:11:06 AM
@All we've added ability to use user properties in the "Allow Add" custom formula.
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 1/12/2017 9:34:37 AM
Great news. Thank you. I will be trying it out soon
gerardo garcia 1/15/2017 9:11:06 PM
Fantastic! thanks!
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 2/1/2017 9:21:49 AM
Tried this. Great. Thank you very much
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