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Fractions and Decimals--changes and corrections needed
1) Use of the decimal places field is ignored when a number is a percentage. Therefore, the system should not allow you to use both fields.
2) Percentages are truncated and rounded at 4 decimal places. That should be made clear and the system should not allow one to enter a percentage with more than four decimal places.
The system should reject these conflicts at time of entry and not accept them (and either modify or ignore them).
Peter F.

peter forman
Date Created
9/2/2015 8:41:24 PM
Date Updated
9/7/2015 7:24:49 PM
New Idea
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Philipp Matuschka (MMB)Correne Martinezpeter forman
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 9/6/2015 12:08:42 PM
Actually in respect of your first comment, I think it should not disallow the use of both fields. Quite the opposite, I think it should allow the use of both but respect the choice of number of decimal places.

At the moment I have a workaround by making % fields where I want to see decimal places, currency fields with the % sign as the currency sign. It works but seems unnecessary
peter forman 9/7/2015 7:24:49 PM
I agree that it would be preferable that TD support 6 decimal places in a "percentage" field.
But, that might be a bigger database change for them.
So my general recommendation is, for ALL OF THEIR FIELDS IN ANY PLACE, is that they NOT allow a user to enter a value that the system will immediately change in some way.
With PERCENTAGE type fields, if one enter 123.456789%, the system will truncate and round the value to 123.4568%.
That is dangerous,
This is also true for SIMPLE numbers. They round and truncate.
At minimum, they should not allow us to enter something that the system will change.
Thanks for 'promoting' the idea.
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