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Naming of TEXT fields in Forms
Can we please have the ability to name a Text field in a form. Currently, if the Text is HTML and it's a script, it shows no information (just a blank field). To have a heading/title for this field would clarify which one is being moved. Behaviours, the same fields do no wrap the text but string it out (in some cases ) to way off the page to the right. This hinders altering other fields criterion as you need to scroll across to find the adjustment drop boxes (Visible/Hidden/Editable/Read Only...) making it a bit of a guess as to which field is being adjusted.


Date Created
6/8/2015 10:36:39 PM
Date Updated
6/19/2015 5:00:33 PM
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Slava Shinderov  Staff  6/9/2015 4:28:05 AM
@Brett please consider inserting a comment at the beginning of your HTML code:
basenine 6/19/2015 5:47:10 AM
Hello Slava,

I had tried that before posting - maybe I did it wrong.
In the end, I've just used
// this is what this text does

The "this is what this text does" now shows up on the Form Layout editor but is now hidden in the End User form. Before, it showed up in the end user form as read only text...

Is there a solution for wrapping it to a maximum width when adjusting Form Layout in the manual form layout editor (i.e not the Drop and Drag editor)?
Slava Shinderov  Staff  6/19/2015 8:39:27 AM
@Brett please use HTML comment:
<!-- this is what this text does -->
basenine 6/19/2015 5:00:33 PM
I tried that but it hides it in the Form Layout section...this is where I need to see it otherwise I just get a light grey box with no indication of what is inside. The way I have it set at the moment seems to do what I need
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