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Allow more than one form per table -
I would appreciate to be able to create more than one form per table. It would make it easier to remember who can see what. Customize what can be seen (or not) for each user or for each record of the table. Also, if we could restrict what "sub-tables" can be shown (the related tables that show up as a sub table at the end of the form), or use a different view in Form A (detailed for a ) than for Form B (less detailed). We could also assign a basic form for external users, a more detailed form for advanced or expert users. I know this can be done by using formulas and or managing what part of the form can be shown or not, but this would provide a more intuitive/visible way of doing and managing this.
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Marc Andre Lacas
Date Created
5/21/2015 3:48:55 AM
Date Updated
5/22/2015 7:56:42 AM
Not Planned
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Kelly WatersMarc Andre Lacas
Slava Shinderov  Staff  5/21/2015 4:02:15 AM
@Mark please consider using form behavior to create different forms depending on user role or whatever:
Regarding conditional details restriction, please consider promoting/commenting Show or hide details views using a formula idea.
Kelly Waters 5/21/2015 11:31:39 AM
Certainly form behavior can be used achieve the same result Marc is after, however it would be simpler on the management end to have multiple forms. It really bugs my sense of aesthetics to work hard on making a nice-looking form, only to have gaping holes in it for some users since it's designed around all of the content and not everyone can see everything.
Marc Andre Lacas 5/22/2015 7:56:42 AM
@Slava I fully understand that this is feasible using behaviors (this is what I mentioned as "managing what part of the form can be shown or not"). I will indeed promote the other idea you mentioned, as it appears to extend the current functionalities in an interesting way. Yet, I still think that having the possibility to create more than one form per table could be a way to easily create "tailored" access to tables.

However the "one form fits all" model has limitations. If I want to reorder the sections for a specific set of users, I would need to create various sections (sometimes duplicating some of them) and then use the criterias to show/hide the related sections depending on who is watching.

A multiple forms approach, would also make it simpler to manage/ to visualize for the admin, and, like Kelly mentioned, it would help create a better, more consistent UI for our users, which is important if we want them to adopt and use the tools we create with TeamDesk.

Maybe the key is having the possibility of naming a set of criterias as "FORM A" , then a second set as "FORM B" and then have a "selection box" in the form editor so you can quickly change from one set to the other. In short, you still have one form, but when you edit it in the "form edit" you can switch from one "layout/design" to the other.
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