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Import/update csv not change modification dates and user.
Sometimes exporting a table fixing a column in a spreadsheet, then uploading it is the best way to work..
Your import tool is superb! I love how it updates, with one tiny-ity bitty issue.

When I import the table it changes all the date modified and modified by columns to the account that is doing the upload and the date..

Technically. Yes I have changed every record.
In real practicality , it is a major major problem.

Suddenly we have NO idea of the true age of the record nor who realistically made the last change. A patient calls in, our recep looks in the database to see the last person who worked with them and ITS ME!

I look in the csv and the date modified and modified by fields are exported.

In the past this has only been a major annoyance.
But in the near future I will need to do some modification to our main patient table. Having the modification column change will be a disaster.

the database should at least have the option to import them back if we choose to.

cooper collier
Date Created
5/11/2015 10:21:49 AM
Date Updated
5/11/2015 10:21:49 AM
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