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Standard / Customized colors scheme
This is just an idea because I am too lazy to try to remember hexadecimal values for colors. I have changed the standard colors in the colorization formulas to reflect what I wanted to achieve in terms of look and apperance (screen / print), but since I manually enter those values in formulas or in each view, I tend to forget. So I end up with several shades of grey (not up to 50, but not far), of yellows and reds in my views.

Would it be possible to create a "named" custom set of colors to be re-used everywhere? So I could call it by name in my view and change it only at one place if I change my mind in the future?

Marc Andre Lacas
Date Created
4/10/2015 10:24:25 AM
Date Updated
12/3/2015 2:54:38 AM
New Idea
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basenineMarc Andre Lacas
Slava Shinderov  Staff  4/10/2015 11:11:18 AM
@Marc please consider using database variables for that:
basenine 4/10/2015 5:08:07 PM
As with #702#
Marc Andre Lacas 4/28/2015 6:48:31 AM
I will try this, Thanks!
basenine 12/3/2015 2:54:38 AM
The Google docs font colour selector is a nice one. It offers ability to create and store custom colours.

That's be a nice addition to TD
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