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Sort order for AutoNumber column
Date Created
1/31/2007 4:05:49 PM
Date Updated
2/1/2007 2:55:34 AM
Why query results sorted by "Id" sort alphabetically, not numerically?
This happens because "Id" is an AutoNumber column of "Text" type (it just looks like a number).
You may change a format to this one, for example: {000000} and the sorting would work the way you need.
Of course, only new Id's will be generated according to the new format, and the old ones will remain unchanged.
You may read about other available formats here: Auto Number Options

Alternatively, if changing format is not desirable, you may create a Formula Numeric column where you may write a formula to transform Id to a numeric format, so the sorting would work the way you need.

And the easiest way would be to sort by "Date Created".
This should give you a correct sorting as it doesn't depend on growing Id numbers.
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