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Change the number of users in the application
Enter Setup mode by clicking Setup link located on a top-right corner of a screen.

If you are going to decrease the number of users, please deactivate extra users.

To do this, select Sharing / Roles > Manage Existing User Shares from the left-side menu. You may either deactivate the user by editing his/her record and setting the Role to "--None--" or delete the user by pressing Del button.

Check your current subscription by selecting Application > Manage Subscription from the left-side menu. Press Update Subscription button.

Change the number of users and click Next until you reach last step of the subscription wizard.

As a result, a new master order will be created that will overwrite a previous master order and will become a base for all subsequent charges and receipts. You card won't be charged until 1 day before a due date.

Invite new users by selecting Sharing / Roles > Share with Additional Users
Date Created
11/7/2006 4:22:49 AM
Date Updated
11/7/2006 4:56:20 AM
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