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Dropdown Functionality
When creating dropdowns such as those in the "Dependent Dropdown" example in the Teamdesk library, if it were possible to allow the dropdown to display only the unique values listed in the source table rather than all of the duplicated values as is the case with Dependant Dropdowns it would allow for the creation of dynamically updated source tables.

In situations where the possible combinations of any pair of values from different columns is vast and constantly changing and/or growing, this would allow the user to update the source tables on the fly as new records are created and would eliminate the need to create large static data sets in advance for the purpose of filtering selectable options.

Essentially using the Value in one column to filter the available values in a second related but independant column; Similar to the way the refresh button works on the "ask the user" parameter settings in views works but without the need to refresh once the value in the first column is selected.

calvin peters
Date Created
3/31/2015 1:27:58 PM
Date Updated
7/13/2015 10:00:00 AM
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rishi uttammartin olivercalvin peters
rishi uttam 4/1/2015 9:00:21 PM
This would be an interesting feature, however I think this is a browser issue/client side limitation.

I know that running totals are always incorrect if they are updated on the page. Teamdesk now greys out the total to indicate they are not correct. a quick page refresh is the only way to have the totals calculate accurately.

i suspect your comment with the dropdown boxes updating on the fly is similar to issue of running totals being updated accurately .. that is a limitation of the browser and online databases.

this could be solved with ajax or other technologies but i doubt TD would go that route.
calvin peters 7/13/2015 10:00:00 AM
Actually the reference to "on the fly" isn't so much about being instant like a resident app, but rather is a reference to having the ability to keep a data table dynamically current rather than being a static representation that needs to be built and then just used as a reference list of unique combinations of data. Think "parts list" where one small part may have 8 different variants available with 30 sub-variations under each of the 8 mains. 1st select 1 of the 8 unique main options (rather than selecting from 1920 options of what is really only 8 unique values), then with a forced refresh of the screen somehow (like an enter button beside the column) have the 90 subvariations be filtered to display only the 30 unique associated values.

Being able to reference a dataset with multiple duplicate values and display only the unique values would greatly reduce data entry and maintenance.

The issue I'm having is that with dependent dropdowns currently I cannot display only unique values to select from.

The refresh button in "ask the user" queries accomplishes this task and the "aggregate options" section under "Summary Relationships" is capable of displaying the number of unique values in a column so it seems to me that displaying those unique values in some form of selectable list can't be that dissimilar.
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