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How to change existing column type?
To change existing column’s type you need to:
1. Enter Setup mode, click Columns --> Customize existing columns, then click column name (not the "Edit" button) from the columns list.
2. Click "Change Type" button, select new column type.

You can convert "formula" column to the different type of formula column or to a data column.
Data column can be converted to another type of data column as well, however the system does not support certain conversion types.

While you can convert from almost any type to "text" and vice versa, you can not convert "time" to "number" or "boolean" to "date".

The system will notify you in case when selected conversion is not supported or when it is not possible to convert column values to the specified type. Your data will not be modified in this case.

The conversion is done via textual data presentation. Column value converted to text and text parsed to new data type. In some cases, for example, when converting Checkbox column to a Numeric column such a conversion is not possible and TeamDesk reports "Cannot convert value X to Y type". The workaround is to create formula of a target type, perform proper conversion using TeamDesk conversion functions and convert formula to a data column.
Date Created
11/22/2005 1:27:29 AM
Date Updated
8/9/2006 9:08:35 AM
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