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Select Function
It would be great to select child records from their parent table, avoiding the manual checking, using this functionality through a buttom, trigger, etc.


Rafael Muñiz
Date Created
2/18/2015 8:54:42 PM
Date Updated
10/2/2015 7:34:53 AM
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Rafael Muñiz
Slava Shinderov  Staff  2/19/2015 1:56:17 AM
@Rafael it's not clear for me what you're talking about. Please give us more details along with some real usage scenario and examples.
Rafael Muñiz 8/6/2015 9:53:54 AM
It's hard for me to explain it. I'll try to put it simple:

I have an item and it's formula (tables: A and child B), and I want to generate a Job order, with its formula (tables: C and child D).

I can do this right now, if I create a new record in table C, and then select MANUALLY childs B, push a buttom, and create new records in child D table, with their parent ID.

In other words I need to duplicate a record from table A with their childs B, in a new record (table C, with childs D), BUT: I want to do this, pushing a buttom, without having to select manually the child records. Like an AUTO-SELECTION method.

Why I need this?
Because I need to generate the job order, from views/forms, that doesn't show the childs, so I can't check them.

I imagine a function, something like this:
"create new record in table C (jobs) and new child records in table D (job formula), using data of table A (item) and selecting "all" childs records from table B (item formula).


Rafael Muñiz 10/2/2015 7:34:53 AM
I think this can be done with the Cascading referential integrity constraints for one-to-many relations, posted idea.
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