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Updates to capability of "Manage Data" Role
We lost some content because we had to give too much access to users that don't know better. As a result of this accidental table deletion, I do have some suggestions that might help make Teamdesk better.

1. When you give the warning about deleting the data using the "delete data from table" link, a capture of the row count from the table would be good. If my user had seen he was going to delete 125k+ records instead of the 16 he was supposed to be deleting... it might have stopped him.

2. When a user is given the Security Rights to "Manage Data", the ability to apply that right to only certain tables would be nice. Then they can't get to tables they shouldn't have access to.

3. If the second option isn't possible, can we have a button for importing a file like you can turn on the mass delete button at the view level? Then I can set it on for just the handful of users that need to be able to import data, and it will be on the front side instead of allowing them into Setup to run on the back side.

Thanks for all you do!!


Heidi Blackwell
Date Created
11/21/2014 7:47:59 AM
Date Updated
12/13/2021 6:00:12 PM
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Jorge SoláDale OliverRebecca Sell
Gii SystemsPhilipp Matuschka (MMB)Heidi Blackwell
Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 11/23/2014 5:06:43 AM
Also could we provide some more granularity around the permissions. Specifically I would like to see a permission called something like "Create Views". Users with this permission set would be allowed to create views for their own use.

I raised a similar request a few years ago under a different registration. Idea ID 343
Rebecca Sell 4/7/2015 4:22:19 AM
For us, we'd like a 'permission' to Import Data, without any other admin rights. Or in other words, admin rights, but with restrictions to Import Data only.

We use TD for high volume data management and import data daily. At the moment, this means this job has to be done by an administrator when in fact it could easily be delegated.

Slava Shinderov  Staff  4/7/2015 4:25:15 AM
@Rebecca please consider using TeamDesk Backup and Restore Tools for daily data import.
Jorge Solá 12/13/2021 6:00:12 PM
It would be nice if users could import data onto tables without having to be given setup or manage data permission, in normal mode instead of setup mode. In the same way that they can be given permission to modify or delete records in a particular table, they could be given permission to mass import records onto that table. That would give power users more independence instead of having to depend on administrators.

The interface could be the same that we have right now in Setup mode.

The Restore tool doesn't cut it, because if only works for users that have setup or manage data permission.
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