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Excel Documents

A new application of TeamDesk for our company requires reports produced to go to outside clients. This is replacing an existing clumsy set of Excel spreadsheets however it means that the clients are used to receiving their reports in Excel, not Word.

Is it possible to have the templates set up to Excel rather than Word please?
User Experience

Rebecca Sell
Date Created
9/8/2014 3:52:11 AM
Date Updated
6/26/2019 7:16:52 AM
Slava Shinderov  Staff  9/8/2014 4:03:56 AM
Currently TeamDesk doesn't have this functionality.
Please consider using "External Users Pack" to invite outside clients into your database, so they will be able to see their reports inside your database at any time.

Philipp Matuschka (MMB) 9/10/2014 10:29:31 AM
As a medium priority I would like to see Excel documents as suggested by Rebecca supported. I suspect that they could be far more flexible than Word.
rishi uttam 11/12/2014 5:38:31 AM
Yes this would be good to have, customers still like their reports in Excel.

PDF would also be a great option (this was already suggested by another user)

Rebecca Sell 11/12/2014 5:43:07 AM
This has become more urgent for us and may impact the support of senior management and investors to our use of TeamDesk going forward.

Having 'external users' is not an option for us to work around. Our clients have established excel formats for the data we have to provide - not being able to export from TD straight into these formats is inefficient and goes against the company's policy of increased automation and improved efficiencies.

Excel reports are a 'norm' nowadays.

Are we able to link from an Excel form to TD? That would be another option.
Vanessa Lopez 11/24/2014 11:59:02 AM

I need a report from my database showing name only and amount of credits the member has for the year. Any idea how to get it?
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/24/2014 12:24:04 PM
@Vanessa please use "Ask a Question" tab in order to contact TeamDesk support.
rishi uttam 11/26/2014 6:48:54 PM
Is output to Excel being considered?

Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/27/2014 2:01:09 AM
@rishi it's not on our radar. It's still not clear for us why we should use Excel instead of Word to generate printable version of particular single record.
We're working on new TeamDesk API which will allow to easily connect from Excel to TeamDesk view/report, so you'll be able to have a dynamic snapshot of data inside Excel and configure report or build specific charts, etc. using Excel functionality.
rishi uttam 11/27/2014 2:17:46 AM
Hi Thanks,.... You mentioned you are still not clear about excel... Some tabulations need to be done outside of TD, exporting fields/records to excel would be a very good option.
Rebecca Sell 11/27/2014 2:19:52 AM
@Slava We would welcome the 'query' functionality you describe above - as I said in my earlier post "Are we able to link from an Excel form to TD? That would be another option."

What is the timescale for this please? We are busy building integrated data workflow as you'll see from our DBs and the final piece of the puzzle is professional reporting quality for senior management, customers and investors.

Rebecca Sell 11/27/2014 2:20:36 AM
PS. I know there is already the ability to do a 'web query' from Excel, but it's rather clumsy.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  11/27/2014 2:44:24 AM
@Rebecca please use "Ask a Question" tab to contact TeamDesk support. Please describe, in terms of your database, what kind of report you're trying to build with the help of Excel, so we'll be able to understand if it's possible and point you into the right direction.
Rebecca Sell 11/27/2014 2:46:37 AM
@Slava I dont need help Slava, I need the functionality that myself and other users are requesting.
Thank you for your concern.
Ivan Papish 10/30/2017 3:27:56 PM
@Slava Hi there! How is it going with exporting to Excel? Was the issue with excel resolved? Is the new TeamDesk API which will allow to easily connect from Excel to TeamDesk view/report, already created?
Dale Oliver 6/26/2019 7:16:52 AM
Many of our clients require stock movement reports and stock lists from our Teamdesk Databases. For stock related queries working in excel is a definite must as these reports are often automated. In order to investigate variances and other stock related queries Excel is typically used to speed up the process.

I hope that this will be considered in future as this is often requested and the fact that we can't provide is always a contentious issue for us.
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