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New Workflow Action - Update Values on External Tables

It would be great if we could update trigger actions that update fields located on external tables.


Table A - Column A1
Table B - Column B1

In Table A: I set Workflow Rule "Update External Value", when I modify A1.

Workflow Action: Update in Table B > Column B1= B1 + A1


Thank you

Alexander Sepe
Date Created
6/23/2014 8:06:06 AM
Date Updated
6/23/2014 8:57:39 AM
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Alexander Sepe
Slava Shinderov  Staff  6/23/2014 8:11:06 AM
@Alex it's not clear for me which record from "Table B" should be updated with such action?
Alexander Sepe 6/23/2014 8:21:44 AM
Yes, right. I suppose you need to assign in the Action the Id of record in Table B.


Right now to achieve that I need:

1. To create a relationship between A and B
2. Bring Date Modified lookup to B
3. Create a Workflow Rule trigger based on Date Modified
4. Here is when I can assign the value (and I need to wait 3 minutes to update the value).


Please let me know if you can understand my point

thanks a lot
Slava Shinderov  Staff  6/23/2014 8:57:39 AM
@Alex As I've understood, currently to update values you're using method similar to this:

In order to better understand the core of problem, please describe the problem you're trying to solve with such "Update Values on External Tables" action from business standpoint.

From our standpoint it's always better to dynamically calculate something using summary/lookup/formula, etc. versus updating something and then trying to solve data integrity problems (when related records are deleted, imported, etc.)
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