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Since Teamdesk can now accept an email to a particular table, I'd like to propose an interesting idea.

I think it would be great if we could email the system with a special suffix, to get an email back with a certain view.

Normally you can email something like:

... where, 111111 is the database number, and 9999999 is the security token.

It is also possible to use subaddressing so that can be processed on the Mailbox table.

What if we could append a special subaddress which triggered the getting of a specific view. For example -

... where, getview is a command that means "get me the view via email" and 98765 is the view number.

Would this not be useful?

User Experience

Rick Cogley
Date Created
6/10/2014 9:28:50 PM
Date Updated
6/12/2014 5:36:04 AM
New Idea
Promoted By
Rick Cogley
Slava Shinderov  Staff  6/11/2014 2:02:40 AM
@Rick it's not clear for me why you can't use workflow action on "Mailbox" table to implement such scenario in general?
I understand that currently there is no workflow action to send a view by email.
May be some real life example will help us to better understand how such "getview" can be used and what's the problem you're trying to solve with it?
Rick Cogley 6/11/2014 7:00:49 PM
If there were a workflow action to allow sending a view by email, that would be do-able on the Mailbox table, yes indeed. I suppose I could make a table that acts as an intermediary, setting relations from it to Mailbox, and, to the table whose view I want, and set a checkbox to ON using existing workflow. But I think that would only work to send multiple emails one for each record.

Subscriptions are nice but they are linked to a specific time. I'd like users to be able to request a specific view, when they want it. Of course, people could just go look at the view, but, there are indeed some cases where sites limit web access but not email access.

It sounds crazy, but we have that situation, so my users want a way to grab a list of open tasks easily, via email. That's why I started thinking of ways I can trigger the sending of a whole view.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  6/12/2014 5:36:04 AM
@Rick please consider using ability of TeamDesk to send "Documents" by email.
For example, you may create many-to-many relation with "Mailbox" table and table which view you're need to send. Set that view as details view for the relation. May be some match condition should be used to filter out open tasks for particular user who requested list by email.
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