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More Helpful Error Messages
Hi all,

It would be great if error messages given by Teamdesk could be more helpful.

I had a scenario the other day where a user was seeing the generic:

'Error: Invalid Data. 1 error(s) found. Review all error messages below to correct your data.'

However the issue was that he couldn't correct the data because he doesn't have/need access to those columns that were the issue and it meant I had to go into the error log to find the true error which was:

'The payment stages do not equal 100%. Please correct'

So perhaps in this situation, the error message could be:

'The payment stages do not equal 100%. Please correct. These columns are accessible to members of the role(s): Accounts, Projects'

This would help the user to contact the correct person to help assist with the error.
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Joshua Mullins
Date Created
1/20/2014 4:15:55 AM
Date Updated
1/20/2014 4:15:55 AM
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