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Calendar View Merge
Hello - my idea is to have a aggregated calendar view, perhaps in the form of a custom dashboard, where, I can select multiple single calendar views in setup, and the presented calendar is a combination of them all.

The combined view would have a single feed, which can be subscribed to.

Rick Cogley
Date Created
11/17/2013 7:49:23 PM
Date Updated
2/11/2017 3:03:42 PM
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Bin Xia Zhangmartin oliverbasenine
Rick Cogley
Rick Cogley 11/17/2013 7:53:24 PM
You can kludge one together by making a table, a bunch of relations, and then use formula date columns to pull the various dates into a single column. Then, make a record, choose the associated record from the linked table, and you can have a combined calendar.

But, it's tedious with many tables or many records.
Rick Cogley 11/20/2013 6:21:38 PM
Another way if you can use Google calendar, is to subscribe to calendars in Google Calendar (using URL shortened links), and then, picking one as the master, go to its settings, select "customize the color, size and other options", and select all the Teamdesk calendar feeds you have subscribed to. Then, you will be able to use the embedded HTML somewhere, to get a consolidated view. Perhaps in a text field in a dashboard.
basenine 2/11/2017 3:03:42 PM
New function in Calendar View: Create own URL link
I've created a table which has related records that are tasks driven by "to do dates". You can merge those onto one calendar using a filter (create a field name with set task types)
The resulting calendar is merged but the links go to the related records not the parent.
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