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Timed View Display
I've an idea that I think would be good to have. I'd like to be able to control the visibility of a view, by time of day or time in the month or year.

For example, if I have a view that is used only for a certain month end process, I want that view to be visible to non-admin roles, only from the 1st to the 7th of the month. Or, if I have a view that is only useful at the end of the day, after 4pm, like a shipping report, then I want to present that information when I want to present it.

This is a little bit like what trainers do in a classroom, releasing information only when it makes sense to do so and not before.

I think this feature would be welcome and offer a good differentiation from other systems.

Rick Cogley

Rick Cogley
Date Created
6/3/2013 11:36:26 PM
Date Updated
6/3/2013 11:45:56 PM
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basenineRick Cogley
basenine 6/3/2013 11:42:05 PM
Hello Rick,

I've configured a way to do this with the User Properties tables…
It was a way of securing data based on after hours eyes - a bit of a hack for security purposes but it was an effective way of making views invisible and also the ability to add new records based on the time of day. To stop record generation, I used the Validation rules (and based it on the User Role and Property Value and Time of day)…

It took about a day to configure it.
Let me know if you need some help with it - kind regards, Brett
Rick Cogley 6/3/2013 11:45:56 PM
Sure, yes, you could do it with formula checkboxes, that are looking at time of day, and then use those or ORed strings of those in the "can view" custom formula. We are doing this a lot, but, I did not think of making one of the checks a time of day check. Thanks for the hint.

Still, I'd like it to be built in.
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