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Export your calendar to iCal
I think it would be an AMAZING Feature to add. Much like facebook can update your Apple iCal with events and birthdays, it would be fantastic if we could have our calendars on an application do the same.

Jeffrey Newton
Date Created
5/13/2013 6:54:29 PM
Date Updated
5/14/2013 7:07:58 AM
Promoted By
Jeffrey Newton
basenine 5/13/2013 7:25:10 PM
This can already be done via views setup. Create a Calendar view and then copy the rss link into iCal (subscribed calendar).
It works well with apple iCal and refreshes as you'd expect. I haven't tried it with google calendar for a year but back then, the refresh/update did not work. Something to do at Googles end.
Jeffrey Newton 5/13/2013 8:17:34 PM
Where can I find the Rss link for a calendar already created?

Jeffrey Newton 5/13/2013 8:36:10 PM
nvm found it. Thanks for the help!
basenine 5/14/2013 7:07:58 AM
@Jeffrey. Sorry for late reply... Had a busy day.

I'm Glad you were able to work it out in the end.
Also, your post regarding Mac compatability: I use and recommend macs and have had no issues with document support. The only requirement is to have MS office for mac installed which, whilst its based on open XML, formats according to how MS want you to see it. Docx can be opened by open office or via an iOS device, they'll just be formatted differently. Other than that, TD works just as well on a mac as it does on a pc - no better, no worse. If you'd like some help with your application, I'd be happy to assist. My email is

Kind regards
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