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Complex And Or Filtering
I would like to be able to create more complex filtering when building reports. I would like to have sublevels and AND/OR stmts. See Picture.


Blake Cabot
Date Created
5/7/2013 2:32:13 PM
Date Updated
11/17/2020 5:04:09 PM
New Idea
Promoted By
Pinelopi SiganosJoseph KurianLuison Lassala
Billy HodgesbasenineRick Cogley
Blake Cabot
Rick Cogley 5/10/2013 11:30:52 PM
Yeah, this is the sort of thing, when you need it, you really need it.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  5/11/2013 2:29:55 AM
@Blake please switch "Filter" to the "Custom Formula" and write any filter formula you may need.
basenine 5/11/2013 2:56:43 AM
I think the use-ability of Blake's idea is great. I know it's possible to achieve the same result in the current TD structure but the interface shown is nicer.
Rick Cogley 5/11/2013 3:49:02 AM
The thing with doing it with custom filters is, you don't have a way to indicate what kind of search logic it is using. IF the search form had a way to also specify text, it would help in these custom situations.
Blake Cabot 5/11/2013 12:05:32 PM
Certainly easier than sql queries. Having nesting with "any" and "adds" is the easiest way to create a report.
Billy Hodges 10/7/2020 1:32:12 PM
TOTALLY agree with this. I entered the same "please add an 'or' filter" request, then Silva let me know about this request. I have 'promoted' it and sure hope to see the "or" option added because currently, on any of my custom documents or reports, I have to create the report using the "is" filter, save it, go back into 'edit' mode and change the multi-level "is" logic to "or" then save again.

It just makes sense to have an "OR" filter option. Would definitely save some time and redundant steps in the process.


Billy Hodges 10/7/2020 1:33:32 PM
DANG!!! This original post was created in 2013!! Seven years ago.

Can we get some attention on this request? Thanks,

Joseph Kurian 11/17/2020 5:04:09 PM
I would like to see this kind of flexibility when creating reports or views.

It is a great idea.
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