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Table Search
Currently Teamdesk has either an entire application search or a "ask the user" for a view. Sometimes you are in a view and need a quick search in a particular table.

I have attached a file from Quickbase as an example.


User Experience

Blake Cabot
Date Created
5/7/2013 10:10:55 AM
Date Updated
5/14/2013 8:35:06 AM
Under Consideration
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Simon PetralliRobert Gustavssonbasenine
martin oliverBlake Cabot
Rick Cogley 5/10/2013 11:32:09 PM
How is that different from "ask the user"? I guess I am thick or something...
Blake Cabot 5/11/2013 12:08:12 PM
Doubt that... what I am suggesting is that it works like the search across all table does but just does this for one table. The difference from ask the user is that ask the user only searches one field when I may want to search several fields.
Rick Cogley 5/11/2013 7:04:33 PM
Ah, I see. Kind of a "subset search" among the items returned by the initial one. To allow searching over multiple text columns, we create fields like [All Text] as a Formula Text, concatenating using the List() function. Then if you use "contains" <ask the user> on that concatenated [All Text] field in the search, it gives a little flexibility. Not exactly the same as your idea, but, it works pretty well for us and is a little less confusing for users to just have the one field to put search text in.
basenine 5/11/2013 7:49:00 PM
I think the table search field makes a lot of sense actually. From my experience, people expect that when they're searching in the global search, it'll only return values specific to the table they're in... They often wonder why it takes so long to return a result
Rick Cogley 5/11/2013 7:51:41 PM
Indeed. I love the new global searchability of the unique per-table identifier, that will pop you directly to that record though. That really is a nice addition.
basenine 5/12/2013 3:09:40 AM
Nice work Blake - this is a good one!
Robert Gustavsson 5/14/2013 8:35:06 AM
Have a look at Zoho Creator. The views there can be dynamically configured on a per column basis. It's possible to search for exact matches or ranges. This is exactly what TeamDesk views need. This is by no means an endorsement of Zoho because it does lack many important features (thus I gave up on it), but view filtering is one area where it shines.
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