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SETUP side enhancement wishlist, related to search and field indicators
I recently had a bit of a cleanup job to do, that required comparing a snapshot of my database to the production version. As I went along correcting, I wanted to mention two things I noticed that I think would help in the SETUP side.

* Search in SETUP was very useful to find various objects, to compare between the snapshot of my db and the production db. However, the search results could do a little better indicating what object type is being represented - for instance, a button vs a workflow action, could somehow be indicated.

* As I fixed data, I needed to check new records in multiple tables, for completeness, which means I care in this case only about actual data fields, and not derived ones such as lookups or calculated fields. I propose a small marker in the view creation interface, to indicate which field is derived, and which is actual writable data. This helps in damage control situations to check if data is complete, focusing only on the data that can be written, but also in the case you want to create a view for exporting a CSV for bulk load purposes.

For example -

Order Number *
Product *
Qty *
Extended Price
Discount % *
Product Notes

Here, the Extended Price and Product Notes fields are calculated and derived, so I do not care about them when bulk loading or checking basic completeness of data. The others, indicated by asterisks, I do care about, in such cases.

I hope you will consider these changes; they would be helpful especially for complex tables.

User Experience

Rick Cogley
Date Created
11/8/2012 5:43:12 PM
Date Updated
11/29/2012 5:58:29 PM
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Shem SargentRick Cogley
Shem Sargent 11/29/2012 5:58:29 PM
I have had to do something similar and agree that your suggestions would allow for simpler and clearer access to the key areas that need attention.
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