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Dashboard View Links
Hello - many times, I find I want to let users who are accessing a dashboard click through to the underlying views. I know I can do this by making text sections and putting links in HTML that link to the views, but, I was thinking it would be good if there were an option in Dashboard setup, like "Show View Links" or the like.

Would something like this be possible? I put a couple ideas on a screenshot.

Kind regards

User Experience

Rick Cogley
Date Created
11/5/2012 4:28:30 AM
Date Updated
11/5/2012 4:07:13 PM
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gerardo garciaMartin Odendaalbasenine
Shem SargentRick Cogley
basenine 11/5/2012 3:46:28 PM
This is a great idea.
It would make dashboards much more useful:
You could set up Dashboards in groups - Reports, Charts, Timelines etc
and almost get rid of the Standard Views list because each View Heading on a Dashboard could be the link to the view on it's own.

I like it...I like it a lot!
Rick Cogley 11/5/2012 4:07:13 PM
Thanks for the support Brett. I love the dashboards, because of the ability to group various information sets, but sometimes you need to let people click through since there are no links such as Print, Export or Send, on each represented view.
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