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Link between view "rows to display" and something in data
Hi - I have two search views, with [ask the user] filters, for different roles in a database.

* Search Manager
* Search User

The Manager search is not limited by Rows to Display, so people with manager roles can return all rows. The User search is indeed limited, so that people can see only 10 at a time, or so. This limits exposure to people downloading the whole thing.

At any rate, what I would like is to have the "rows to display" be able to be conditional upon some data. For instance, a user can see only 10 generally, but if they are linked to the record (for instance if there is a multi-reference link to a user table record), then they can see all of those too.

If "rows to display" was really intelligent, we could do something like:

* if user has records marked with their name, then show all those plus 10 of any more that match the search

* if user has no records marked with their name, then just show a max of 10

... and so on. I hope the dev team can consider something like this.

Kind regards,
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Rick Cogley
Date Created
10/27/2011 10:42:47 PM
Date Updated
10/27/2011 10:42:47 PM
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