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Chart - Options for values and totals
In charts (especially the stacked variety), the presentation of individual values is dynamic and appears dependent on whether there is screen space to display it. The admin/designer has no control of the presentation (or not) of these values. In many cases, the presentation of only a partial set of values is misleading.

Separately, there is no option to explicitly show the totals. While the user can approximate by reading off the axis, in some cases, presentation of the actual values is valuable (sometimes not!)

1. Please provide an option to NOT display any values. I envisage this as a simple check box in the chart set up screen.
2. Please consider an option to force the display of all values. (I accept this may not be possible for the same reason teamdesk only displays only the values it can fit.)

3. Please provide a separate option to display / not display totals. Again I envisage this as a simple checkbox.

kind regards

(Note, I accept this request may not apply to all graph type, but I have encountered it in many. For now I leave it to others to determine which graph type this request might be applied)

Desmond Beatty
Date Created
10/18/2011 12:35:33 PM
Date Updated
1/11/2012 3:56:02 AM
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Desmond Beatty
Kirill Bondar  Staff  10/18/2011 4:59:04 PM
I'll try to outline the algorithm:

Simple Bars/Columns and Area charts have single value per data axis cell. In this case, first we try to fit the value in a colored area. If there is not enough space, we try to fit it outside of colored area. Since there is usually enough room in either place, we'll likely to display the value in any case.

Grouped Bars/Columns/Areas consist of multiple values per cell. In this case to have connection between the painting and the data we are trying to display the value in a related colored area. If there is not enough space the value is not displayed.

Lines display values in a Simple and Cumulative mode only - above or below the data point. In Grouped modes values are not displayed at all: there is no clear connection between the value and the data point, especially when data points are close to each other.

Pies and Doughnuts always display the value in a legend - there is enough space in any case.


"Not to display values" would be easy - indeed, this is merely a flag and charts are ready for this.

Displaying totals is applicable to a "Stacked" chart types only.

With "display all values" or "display totals" we are running into the same "lack of space" problem. While in Excel you set up charts based on relatively static data set and then you can adjust the position of each label to create readable view, in TeamDesk the data is highly dynamic. Depending on filter conditions and access rights the same view can display quite different results.

Perhaps the solution may reside in quite different area. So far charts are rendered as an image with no interactivity at all. Yet, all recent browsers support rendering of scalable vector graphics (SVG) format - and this one is interactive. If we change chart rendering code to support SVG we'll be able to display values as a tooltip if there is a lack of space. The drawback - it is not supported by old browsers in use and by e-mail clients - there we should still render charts as images.
Desmond Beatty 10/19/2011 5:08:17 AM
Thank you for your response.
I look forward to the other developments, including the SVG option, in due course and per demand from the user community.

However, immediate implementenation of the "Do Not Display Values" option would serve the immediate purpose of preventing "display of some but not others" issue.
So, Yes Please.

kind regards
Desmond Beatty 1/11/2012 3:56:02 AM
Happy New Year to you and all at Foresoft!

What chance of an early implementation of the "Do Not Display Values" switch as partial listings continue to mislead.

kind regards

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