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enable/disable Workspaces by Role
Dear TeamDesk

The Workspaces are great for Administrators with large numbers of Tabs to contend with.

For occasional users, with only a few tabs they are not only redundant but have proven confusing and misleading (ie not seeing tabs they should see because the workspace constraint). For these type of users the system should be as intuitive as possible - ie NOT need the cost "training or coaching" on workspaces when they don't offer value to customers.

For now I have had to stop using Workspaces as I value ease for my customers over Admins. But it is sub optimal.

A simple, "enable/disable workspaces" by role would work for me. At leat that way, I can decide by role.

kind regards

The Angel eXchange Admin
Date Created
10/11/2011 12:39:29 PM
Date Updated
8/9/2013 4:52:59 AM
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Megan Pillsburymartin oliverArnold Hakobyan
Scott MillerMartin OdendaalGii Systems
Rick CogleyThe Angel eXchange Admin
Rick Cogley 10/13/2011 5:06:34 AM
Agreed. We are finding that users sometimes get overwhelmed by number of tabs. We have been trying to isolate reports into dashboards on a "Reports" table, to keep things as simple as possible, because the dashboard visibility is controllable by role. For link or pick tables we are always hiding those but letting people click to them if appropriate. Keeping them off the main tabs list is helpful to us. The above would let us take it to another level as well.
Martin Odendaal 11/9/2011 6:46:10 AM
Agreed, some users(roles) should not have certain Workspace options.
Other users I would like to confine to a certain workspace.

This is important when the 'search for keywords' results, bring data from tables that we hid the tab for. We need to be able to restrict access by role.
Arnold Hakobyan 1/30/2013 1:55:49 AM
Would be great if we could at least hide the "all tables" option, which means that the users will have to chose a workspace.
martin oliver 1/31/2013 11:38:48 AM
I concur that navigating tabs at times can be overwhelming hense the following suggestion

It would be very handy to be able to switch tab views of tables from being at the top of the page (Horizontal) to a side bar view (vertical). Where the current sidebar is then at the top of the page. The current table tab views being at the top of the page can sometimes be difficult to navigate/find, whereas a side view may be easier. I guess this may be a matter of personal preference hence the suggestion to be able to switch the views.
Megan Pillsbury 6/18/2013 6:45:36 AM
I vote for this one! The user security functionality is very basic in Teamdesk, and very cumbersome to manage. I want to customize information access for each type of role in our company. For example, I want to create a role that can access a certain set of tabs at a certain level, and I want to assign that to a group of people in my company. Then I want to create another role to access a different set of tabs at a certain level, and I want to assign that to a different group of people in my company, but some of those are in the first group. Since I can't do this, I have to create a separate role for everyone in my company!! And to have to go tab-by-tab to set security settings is prohibitively time consuming. I haven't yet deployed Teamdesk because of this limitation with how roles are set.
Robert Gustavsson 6/19/2013 4:09:46 AM
Optional default workspace for new users would make a big difference.
Slava Shinderov  Staff  8/9/2013 4:52:59 AM
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